Water/Sewer Info for Providers

Water Resellers

Individuals wishing to resell water or sewer services are also required to be certified by the Utilities Commission. This applies to landlords who resell water and/or sewer service to tenants.

Resale Rules

No provider shall begin reselling water or sewer utility service prior to applying for and receiving a certificate of authority from the Utilities Commission.

The rates shall equal the cost of purchased water or sewer service. A Commission-approved administrative fee not to exceed $3.75 may be added to the cost of purchased water and sewer service to compensate the provider for meter reading, billing, and collection. An additional administrative fee amount may be requested to compensate the provider for administrative fees imposed by the supplier.

The application form for resellers is at Water Reseller Application.

The Commission rules on the resale of water and sewer are at Rules on Resale of Water and Sewer.

Who To Contact

Any party planning to purchase water or sewer utility service from a supplier and then resell the service to end-users must submit an application for a certificate to the Utilities Commission prior to the onset of that service. Resell applicants may contact the Water and Sewer Division with questions regarding the required exhibits or calculation of rates; however, questions about filing the forms or filing fees should be directed to the Chief Clerk’s Office of the Utilities Commission.

Reporting Forms