Integrated Resource Plan

The Economic Research Division and the Energy Division work in tandem to review electric utility integrated resource plans (IRP) and the corresponding source documentation provided by utilities.

The Economic Research Division is the primary lead for the following utility IRP topics: evaluation and development of the IRP, peak demand and energy sales, price forecast for fuel and commodity prices, capacity markets, and quantitative and qualitative analyses.

The Energy Division is the primary lead for the following utility IRP topics: coal retirements, distribution, demand-side management and energy efficiency, first resource need, grid requirements/modernization, integrated system & operations planning (ISOP), nuclear license renewal, renewable energy strategy/forecast, resource adequacy, screening of generation alternatives, solar and storage assumptions, transmission (planned or under construction), utility owned generation, utility short-term action plan, and voltage optimization.

IRP Proceedings


Docket Number


E-100 Sub 124

2010 & 2011 Update

E-100 Sub 128

2012 & 2013 Update

E-100 Sub 137

2014 & 2015 Update

E-100 Sub 141

2016 & 2017 Update

E-100 Sub 147

2018 & 2019 Update

E-100 Sub 157

2020 & 2021 Update

E-100 Sub 165

Note: Table includes all IRP proceedings and is updated annually.